En Media Res *#5*

In the midst of the smoke, only bright red eyes could be seen. The distorted figure had suddenly taken shape and in its grasp lies Kyi’s mother. Understanding her fate is sealed, she tells Kyi he has the power to change these events that have taken place but he has to trust her. Confused on why she would ask him to leave rather than stay and fight he follows her orders but just before he had the chance to realize what happened, his mother dissipated in one blow. Enraged, he dropped everything and charged the figure head on. Even at full power and ascending 2 transformations, he was no match for this being. He was simply getting tossed around as if it were child's play. After taking a critical hit that sent Kyi flying back, he fled the battle to find his mother’s lab where she had instructed him to climb into the time machine with what little strength he had left. There he would go back 17 years into the past and recruit his father and uncle, two of the strongest fighters the universe had ever known, and bring them to his future to avenge his mother by ultimately killing the kreature. The kreature flew high up into the sky and scowered the area below but there was no remnants of Kyi’s energy anywhere. It is like he had just completely disappeared off the face of the earth. 


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