En Media Res *#5*

In the midst of the smoke, only bright red eyes could be seen. The distorted figure had suddenly taken shape and in its grasp lies Kyi’s mother. Understanding her fate is sealed, she tells Kyi he has the power to change these events that have taken place but he has to trust her. Confused on why she would ask him to leave rather than stay and fight he follows her orders but just before he had the chance to realize what happened, his mother dissipated in one blow. Enraged, he dropped everything and charged the figure head on. Even at full power and ascending 2 transformations, he was no match for this being. He was simply getting tossed around as if it were child's play. After taking a critical hit that sent Kyi flying back, he fled the battle to find his mother’s lab where she had instructed him to climb into the time machine with what little strength he had left. There he would go back 17 years into the past and recruit his father and uncle, two of the strongest fighters the unive…

Withholding Assent *#6*

Growin’ up in this world it’s kind of hard to be black,
Screamin’ “All Lives Matter” protests my protest what kind of shit is that,
Like your life is in jeopordy, Like you really can get me, Like routine stops by the cops ever weighed on you heavily,
Fuck that shit,
Can’t make it 6 feet without police tryna start some shit,
Judging me on my skin & Judging me by my blackeness,
Judging me in this Benz cuz I’m not suppose to have this
Sayin this kid is ignorant, Claimin’ that I’m belligerent, nothin but a degenerate, prolly shouldn’t have written this...
But it’s gotta be heard
On the subject of nigga, yeahh I get it’s a word
But see when we say it it’s love, & from you it’s a curse
My grandma worked the fuckin fields you don’t think that shit hurts
I’m sorry...
but I do this for her
Forced to sit on the curb cuz it’s a “reasonable” search
His partner can’t look me in the eye cuz he’s lost for words
And now I’m stuck driving home with “you just fit the profile sir”

Fantasy Map *#3*

Here lies a geographical map of the various terrains found in Hogsmeade. The concept is not yet finished however, the story will most likey have a "Game of Thrones" / Harry Potter type of background with creatures varying from egyption mythology to present day folklore.

TJB *#4*

Fire, created by man should be tame:
In seconds shall destroy all in its path
Flickering light sheds hope on its dark wrath,
Prayers if thou touches thy wicked flame,
Red flower to creatures whom know its name
Hopes relinquished by an orangy bath;
Stops life with no remorse for a child's laugh;
Endless power, if controlled is the aim. To master the art is a tricky task;
However, one boy can decide the fate:
Of all animals within the green gate,
Convinced by many that their side is right,
Evil faces lie beneath a ruseful mask
True friendship leads the path to honest light...

The Case of Wiliam Worm *#1*

In a small town just outside of Zootropolis, lies the city of Wormington.  It is a quaint neighborhood that is full of mystery and unsolved cases.  The weather is fairly gloomy throughout the year and many people are left fearful of going outside their homes.  Even the air is distinctly pungent of fried pickles and burnt pumpkin pies.  Needless to say, it is not a tourist attraction but a city where you are suggested to constantly keep your guard up and be aware.  Strangely, the majority of commoners seem to not understand why the people of Wormington are in this predicament.  It is merely an unspoken golden rule the town has become accustomed to. 
     Not too long ago, there was a little boy named William Worm.  He was a clean-cut looking fellow that had one get his family out of Wormington as soon as possible.  
Why do you ask?  
     Well, the rush to safety began when one of his classmates, Susie Slime, had been reported missing for the past three weeks.  As ment…