Anthropomorphism *#9*

Its been many years since anyone's been outside. Now of days, people just feast off of what scarce supply of food they've had stashed since the wolves were released. The room muttered softly as loud panting began to overpower the conversations until there was nothing but anxious silence. A loud thud repeatedly knocked at the door as if it were claws scratching away at the steel. The people inside the room began to cry in terror, praying the door would hold sealed shut. The knocking persisted and this time at a more furious rate then before to where the door started to abrade from the outside in. A dark and treacherous voice perched out from the final layer of steel barely securing their safety. "I found you-..." said the wolf, standing on its hind legs. "LEAVE US ALONE! GET OUT" cried the people, frantic for what little time of life they had left. The wolf laughed and busted the remaining strip of barricade the people had built. The wolf turned to the people in hiding and said "Any last words?" but before there was even a gasp of air taken, the rest of the wolves barged in and began to feast... "delicious"


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